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I am happy to participate in a group show of Seelevel Gallery, with a.o. Laurence Aegerter, Ola Lanko and Marijn Bax during ART Rotterdam 2016. ART Rotterdam will take place from February 11 until February 14 in the old VanNellefabriek. Visit the gallery at booth 54!


One of the works on show will be Hundred Years. It is a double image of the Bromo volcano, Java, Indonesia. The first image is a drawing from a more than hundred year old geography schoolbook, which I found in my father's collection of antique books. The other one, is a photograph made by me in 2009.

As this one composed image reveals, not much has changed in the hundred years that passed. Sometimes, traveling back to the past is not a hard thing to do.

Archival print on fine art paper. Size print:  18 x 24cm. Frame: walnut wood

Hundred Years (c) Marjolein Blom from: Double Slit Experiment