2016 ISSP Latvia, Taiyo Onorato, There's treasure everywhere. (LV)

2009-2014 Fotoacademie, Amsterdam (cum laude) (NL) 




Upcoming 2017 may-july Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia, Double Slit Experiment (IT)

2016 Fig. Festival, Liege Double Slit Experiment (book)  (BE)

2016 Het Kunstlokaal, De School, Amsterdam, Double Slit Experiment and (Anti)Matter (NL)

2016 ISSP Summerschool Final Exhibition (group show), Kuldiga  (LV)

2016 ART Rotterdam, Seelevel Gallery, Double Slit Experiment, (group show)  (NL)

2015 Seelevel Gallery (group show), Double Slit Experiment  (NL)

2015 UNSEEN Dummy Award, Belfast Photo, Double Slit Experiment (book)  (UK)

2014 UNSEEN Dummy Award, Amsterdam, Double Slit Experiment (book)  (NL)

2014 LOADED (graduation show), Loods 5 , Amsterdam, Double Slit Experiment (NL)

2013 De Slang, Amsterdam, Alienated (NL)

2013 Fotofestival Naarden, Family E. (NL)




2014 UNSEEN Dummy Award 2014, shortlisted

2014 Keep An Eye Foundation, Fotoacademy Keep an eye Grant, winner

2014 GUP New talent 2014



2015 Double Slit Experiment 2nd edition (English),  book, selfpublished, edition: 150

2014 Double Slit Experiment 1st edition,  book, selfpublished, edition: 60 (sold out )



2015 22 best Dutch Photography books

2015 Newdawn paper Portfolio

2014 Prism Magazine #19

2014 Focus Fotografiemagazine, sept. 2014, the Netherlands

2014 GUP NEW 2014, the Netherlands, 

2013 SHUTR no. 5 2013, the Netherlands

2013 C-41 magazine, online

2010 Pf magazine,  2010, the Netherlands